Roof Restoration

Is your roof looking old and tired? This is the perfect time to have it restored to bring a new life not only to the roof itself but the entire property. Remember, though, that roofs must not only be aesthetically pleasing, it must also provide you, your family, and all occupants a full protection from the harsh weather conditions and other outdoor elements.

When do you need professional roof restoration?

  • Water stains or water damage on the ceiling – this is a clear sign that there is roof damage. It could either be in the shingles, downspouts, or the gutters. When you see water stains on the ceiling, don’t ignore. This is just the beginning of a bigger problem. Call a professional roofer right away. The main problem must be addressed to avoid potential costly repairs.
  • Roof getting old and looking dilapidated – if you had never changed or replaced roof for 20 years or more, you have to anticipate the need to do anytime soon. Good-quality roofs can usually last up to 20-25 years; they may last earlier or later depending on its exposure to environmental elements. However, when they are as old as 20 or so, have it checked by a professional roofers right away. Restore or repair even the minor damages so you can extend its life even longer.
  • Cracked and curling up shingles – this sign of damage should be repaired right away. If you wait for these damages to get worse, you might end up spending a lot more for roof replacement. Repair these damages while they are still repairable or regret later.
  • Mould and algae all over – if you want your roof to last longer, don’t ignore this sign. Mould infestation on roof surfaces simply means that the water drainage system is not working efficiently. Have the gutters cleaned and drainage checked by the pros.

At Bendigo Roof Restoration, we guarantee to provide you top-quality roof restoration services to extend the life of your roof. We understand how worried you can be with the potential expenses so we offer you customised service packages that won’t break the bank. Our team is also dedicated to providing you cost-effective solutions to save your existing roofing.  Let’s talk about your roof restoration needs today.