Roof Reseal

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Roof sealing adds extra protection to your roof and extend its life for a long, long time. You must be thinking that roof reseal is just an added expense. Take a look at the benefits of this process:

  • Protection from water damage – roof sealants such as silicone and elastomeric roof sealants are generally waterproof. The premium-quality ones are actually breathable in order to allow moisture to escape through the roof that comes from showering or cooking.
  • Increased fire resistance feature – metal roofs are already fire resistant, but if you want to strengthen this protection even more, application of roof sealants can do the job.
  • Protection from harmful UV rays – prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays could eventually damage the roof’s surface. It causes molecular changes that could degrade the shingles, especially with asphalt shingles. Roof sealants can help protect roof from further damages although many roofing materials already have reflective features that could also lessen the effects.
  • Protection from mould and algae growth – roof surfaces tend to become moist, and this makes it a favourite spot for mould and algae to grow. Roof sealants have quite low permeability that lessens moisture level on the surfaces, making it difficult for these microorganisms to thrive and cause damages on the roof. This is a perfect choice for those who live in high-moisture areas.

The type of roof sealants depends on the type of roof material you have. At Bendigo Roof Restoration, we will help you pick and install the right sealant for your existing roof. We use premium-quality sealants, and we install them accurately based on the condition of your roof as well as the manufacturer’s specifications. We do all this because we want you to enjoy the benefits of investing in this amazing roof protection for many, many years. Call us for your much-needed roof sealing today.