Gutter Repair and Installation


Is it about time to replace your gutters? Or maybe it just needs repair? The extent of damages determines whether your gutter needs repair or replacement. Our experts at Bendigo Roof Restoration can help you with this problem. You can count on us, and we guarantee that we will only provide you cost-effective solutions for all your gutter needs.

Gutter Options:

  • Aluminium Gutters – a very economical choice; pliable, which makes it very easy to install. Looks good, but can easily bend and get damaged with strong winds and flying debris. It is also fairly resistant to drastic weather changes.
  • Vinyl Gutters – one of the most popular options because of the wide range of colour options. A cost-effective gutter material as it doesn’t easily fade. The only drawback is that vinyl may not endure extreme temperatures. Nevertheless, it is easy to install and maintain.
  • Stainless Steel Gutters – a highly durable gutter material that can endure extreme weather conditions. However, high maintenance is required against corrosion and rust. Aesthetic-wise, steel is a little inferior than the other materials.
  • Copper Gutters – the most expensive gutter material you can get. This is the choice of material for high-value and historic homes. A true beauty, but it is difficult to maintain.
  • Wood Gutters – not a very common choice; but aesthetic value is undoubtedly high. It is difficult to maintain, though, because wood is prone to rotting and can easily crack.

If you want to know what type of gutter material is best for your property and your location, call us up at Bendigo Roof Restoration. We have a wide-range of options for high-quality gutters combined with our skills, experience, and technology to efficiently install all types of gutters. We also repair gutter damages of all shapes and sizes. Try our services today!