Exterior Painting

Investing in your home’s exterior painting is one of the smartest investments you can make. More than just aesthetics, new exterior paint can actually give you more benefits. However, it is important to understand that this type of paint job is not just something that everyone can do. If you want to maximise the benefits of this project, you better leave it to the experts like us at Bendigo Roof Restoration.

Aside from roofing services, we also offer professional exterior painting. We have seasoned house painters who will turn your dull walls into a very pleasing sight without breaking the bank.

Our exterior painting services cover the following:

  • Painting of exterior walls, railings, patios, stucco, decks, fences, and roves;
  • We can also remove water stains and water damage on the exterior walls, as well as graffiti;
  • We cure and remove rust;
  • We can repair damaged surfaces and bring it back to its pristine condition.

For some homeowners, exterior painting of their home is impractical and unnecessary. Unless they see their home’s facade looking miserable, they won’t get it done. The truth is that exterior painting actually has more benefits that you thought. The following are just among these:

  • Boosts aesthetics – exterior painting brings colour to a dull looking home. It also brings out the home’s other features. You might be surprised that your outdoor landscape will look even better with your newly painted home.
  • Protects the structure from termite infestation – before painting, professional house painters inspect every part of the house that needs to be painted. This is a perfect opportunity to spot areas that have already been infested with termite and other pests that can cause serious damage to the overall structure of the house. A good exterior paint can help seal off areas to prevent further infestation.
  • Extends the life of the siding – it can correct minor wear and tear on the siding that can help prolong its life. This could mean thousands of dollars saved for siding replacement. However, bear in mind that painting can only correct minor damages in the siding. You need specific siding repair service for severely damaged ones.

Exterior painting definitely does more than just creating beautiful façade. It protects the entire structure of your home. Entrust this job to specialists to enjoy all these benefits and more. Give Bendigo Roof Restoration a call today.